Yard Policy
Yard storage is due as follows:

  1. Payment in full at time of signed contract.
  2. Any work performed while vessel or engine is in storage will be due at time of billing.
    Past due accounts will accrue late fees / finance charges after 15days.
  3. ANY and ALL open bills and repairs order are to be paid in full prior to leaving the property.
  4. Any boat not launched by June 1st will begin Summer storage rates at $10 / ft. per month.
  5. Outside contractors, surveyors, brokers, etc. must register with the office for permission to enter the yard. A copy of a certificate of liability and worker comp. insurance must be provided prior to completing any work in the yard.
  6. No signs are allowed on any boats stored on the property unless authorized by the office.
  7. Guilford Boat Yards & Marine LLC is the exclusive broker for any boats stored on the property unless arrangements are approved otherwise.
  8. No open flames or burning of any material is allowed on the property.
  9. Vessel owners are required to carry property and liability insurance while a vessel or trailer is on the property. A copy of the insurance certificate is required at the time of signing a contract. Guilford Boat Yards & Marine LLC. is not liable for any damage or loss by fire, theft, storm damage, vandalism, deterioration, or any other cause beyond the yards control. Vessel owners recognize the security level is sufficient and acceptable.
    Guilford Boat Yards & Marine is not responsible for any freeze damage after the first freeze or after November 1st.
  10. Vessel owners must confirm launch dates 2 or more weeks in advance. Each boat must be equipped with fenders and proper dock lines. Upon launching, the vessel must leave within 7 days or storage charge will be applied accordingly.
  11. Any paint, garbage, or items left behind by vessel owners will be subject to removal charges and charges for proper disposal.
  12. When an area around a vessel is not cleaned properly, the yard will keep it clean at the vessel owner’s expense. Proper receptacles are located on site for all rubbish.
  13. Vessel owners who choose to work on their own boats must clean up each day / time they leave the property. The yard requires the use of vacuum sanders for all types of sanding. 100% collection of any bottom paint by scraping or sanding is required. Power washing of any kind is NOT allowed by anyone except GBY&M employees.
  14. Boat owners are NOT to touch any blocks or stands under any boats in the yard. No covers or shrink wrap shall be tied to any blocks or stands.
  15. Driveway speed is 5mph. Any individual who does not abide by this rule will be asked to slow down, or park in front of the shop and lose yard privileges.