Our Boats

Offshore Center Console Series

If the call of distant blue water and the thrill of chasing large pelagic game fish is more your speed, you’ll need a seaworthy and capable vessel that can stand up to the kind of conditions often found out of sight of the beach. Mother Nature has a way of shuffling the deck on you when you least expect it and what starts out as a flat calm run to the distant horizon can quickly breeze up and turn your course for home into an unforgiving bumpy road back to the inlet.

Savannah 2900 Offshore

Savannah 2200 Offshore

Hybrid Inshore Series

In recent years, perhaps no other inshore style of boat has gained more popularity than the hybrid-bay boat. Savvy boaters with some time on the water have discovered that when the versatility of a do-all boat is still a priority but you want to narrow down the functionality of a boat to cater to coastal fishing while not sacrificing family friendliness, a hybrid-bay model is a logical option.

Savannah 220 IS Hybrid Bay

Savannah 210X Hybrid Bay

Savannah 190 IS Hybrid Bay

Hybrid-Skiff Series

Built with the family in mind, our Hybrid-Skiffs might be the perfect introductory platform for a new boating family. At the core, these model offer one of the most stable platforms in their class. The length to beam ratio assures your family rock solid stable footing and plenty of square footage on deck to move around freely from bow to stern. Additionally, a deep well cockpit ensures your security while keeping the youngsters inside.

Savannah SS21 Hybrid Skiff

Savannah SS21 DUCK Hybrid Skiff

Savannah SS19 Hybrid Skiff